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Klientide küsimused toote trossiga kõrvatropid 1110, 3M, müravastane, paar kohta

Dear, I'm writting to you as an export specialist for PPE. As I've seen, you have in your offer 3M 1110 earplugs and I've got them in my special offer now (0,18€ per pair). Please, share some contact e-mail with me, so I could sent you some offer. You can contact me on: [email protected]. Best regards, Patryk Szendzielorz

Добрый день, PATRYK! Этот товар мы сейчас не продаем, он снят с производства.

Vastus:контент-менеджер сайта (Администратор) на 20. november 2023
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    Беруши с веревкой 1110, 3М, противошумовые, пара
    Trossiga kõrvatropid 1110, 3M, müravastane, paar